VAN LIFE BUILD | Building Rustic Off- Grid Tiny House (tying up loose ends)

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VAN LIFE BUILD | Building Rustic Off-Grid Tiny House (tying up loose ends)

The Van Life Build continues as we are tying up loose ends. After two years of full time van life were RE building our off grid tiny house as two females! In this van life vlog we tied up loose ends this week by making a sprinter headliner shelf, diy lagun table, and connected our BMI battery isolator.. (in other words, our house batteries are being charged by our alternator safely), & much much more!
This tiny home is really starting to come to life & it feels good to know we are almost ready for full time off grid living! When we initially did our DIY Sprinter van conversion we didn’t film any of it- we’re excited to share this van re build with you! Join as we rip apart our off grid tiny home as two female van lifers and rebuild this off grid tiny house! Woooop!

Great Van Life Build Content! (Isolator video)
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6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Off- Grid Kitchen Materials
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Van Life Off- Grid Electrical System
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Our Journey! How did we get here?
We started living in our van full time in winter of February 2019. We drove across Canada spent 8 months on Vancouver Island working, living and traveling in our van. We then started our dream of overlanding Canada to Argentina. We fell in love with full time travel and van life as we carried on through Canada, USA, Mexico, & Guatemala. However, we couldn't keep going due to the travel limitations. Now we are exploring Canada and cannot wait to show you our beautiful country!

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